Summer Weather, Crossfit Regionals & Filthy Fifty


First things first, I’m so happy it’s finally warm!  Warm weather = no more pants!  Here’s the outfit I wore yesterday:

Unfortunately it also means now the world can see my random bruises from the gym.

I’m super excited to watch Regionals today and this weekend.  I’m hoping Julie Foucher makes the games, even though she hasn’t really been training.  

Speaking of Crossfit, tonight we’re doing “Filthy Fifty”, which I’ve never done.  I have no idea how long it will take me but it looks long and hard.

“Filthy Fifty”

For time:

50 Box Jumps (24/20)

50 Jumping Pull-Ups

50 Kettlebell Swings (16/12)

50 Walking Lunges

50 Knees to Elbows

50 Push Press (45/35)

50 Arch Ups

50 Wall Balls (20/14)

50 Burpees

50 Double Unders

And last but not least, I had a doughnut this morning!  Might have to be a weekly Friday treat if I’m consistent with my eating all week.

Happy Friday!

Anyone else watching Crossfit Regionals this weekend?

ClassPass Hike!

I was literally just considering joining classpass yesterday.  I was about to pull the trigger but then I figured I would reach out to them and see if there were any discount codes available.  Low and behold, I received an offer for 5 classes for $19, for which I’m obviously thankful….but when I went to sign up today I saw the rate has gone from $125 to $200.  That’s an INSANE price increase!

NYMag Article on ClassPass
Guess I won’t be joining anytime soon.  I’ll stick to my cheap YTTP classes.  :)

Tuesday’s Meals

Today I’m liking up with Sprint 2 the Table for WIAW!

8:30am – coffee   

10am – smoothie with almond milk, protein powder and strawberries 


1pm – 2 chicken drumsticks and a sweet potato with butter 


3:30pm – coffee with almond milk and some nicks sticks 


7pm – combat crunch bar(definitely didn’t need to eat this, prob should have had an apple or banana instead)


9:15pm – post workout smoothie with almond milk, vega sport and raspberries 


10:15pm – three tacos with al pastor and green sauce 


Blogging My Meals

In an effort to hold myself accountable and eat a little better I’ll be posting all of my meals and snack.  

Here is what I ate yesterday(4/18):

6am – coffee

6:45am – 2 eggs(same coffee)

8am – new coffee!

10:30am – apple and nicks sticks 

1pm – smoothie w/strawberries, almond milk and protien powder

3:30pm – 2 chicken drumsticks and a tiny bit of broccoli 

5:30pm – iced americano with almond milk and a perfect bar

10:15pm – sandwich with turkey, cheese, lettuce and mayo with one serving of pop chips….and a soda:/

11:15pm – the last of the gummy bears

As you can see, the wheels kind of come off at night.  I get home from the gym around 10 and I’m STARVING so I end up eating way too much.  I need to get better about having food that can be heated up in a few minutes while I’m in the shower.  Also, no more candy and soda!

2k16 Resolutions

Happy New Year!  It’s that time of year again – resolutions!  Here are my goals for the new year:

Read more
.  52 books – basically one book a week.

Volunteer.  I totally slacked off on this last year.  My goal is to do one project a month.

Save money.  Currently working on a budget and aggressive saving plan for the year.  Basically it boils down to less frivolous spending and saving more money.  

Get stronger.  I want to be able to do all the Crossfit Open workouts RX, meaning I probably need to be able to clean 125# and snatch #125.  I’d also like a sub-5 Fran time and a sub-9 Karen time.

Reconnect with my spirituality.  This means go to church regularly, not just when it’s convienent.  I also would like to read the Bible this year.

Be a better friend, sister, daughter.  Spend more time with my favorite people in my life and be fully present when I’m with them.

Five Things Friday

  1.    I can’t believe it’s December!  This is the first year I’m going to get a normal sized Christmas tree(last year I got a mini one) and I’m SO excited.  I was supposed to get it on Wednesday but it rained so hopefully tonight!
  2. I have been eating all of the treats lately.  So many holiday parties and events and things….I need to find a way to scale back.  I’m thinking of doing the Whole30 after New Year’s but haven’t totally decided yet.  
  3. Planning a trip to FL between Christmas and New Year’s Eve!  I’m excited to go somewhere warm!
  4.   I FINALLY ordered a pair of lifting shoes on Black Friday.  They were marked down, plus 50% off, so I got a really great deal.  Can’t wait for them to come.
  5. School is winding down.  Only 1 more full week of classes and then a few finals.  YAY!  It will be so nice to have some time to myself and not have to get up at the crack of dawn everyday.




Weekly Workouts: 11/23 – 11/29


Warm up
1 round of:
2 laps of the quadrant Bear Crawl
10-20 Band Pull Aparts (blue band)
8-10 ea/arm Bottoms up Kneeling Kettlebell Press
2 laps of quadrant Double Kettlebell Overhead Walk
w/Empty Barbell for 3 rounds
5 Muscle Snatches from Starting Position
5 Overhead Squats
5 Sotts Press (PVC if necessary)
5 Snatch Drops from Toes

Olympic Lifting
4×3 High Hang Snatch, increasing, use
this as a warm up before squatting.

Back Squat: Work up to a heavy 18 RM. Try to match or beat your 16 RM from 11/12/15.

For time: 30 Strict Handstand Push ups

*Use Open Standards for each Handstand Push up.

Can’t remember if I did 68 or 73 for the high hang snatch…probably the latter, but I’m really not sure.  Used 135# for the back squats and did 20 reps instead of 18(because I was told to).  Finished the HSPUs in 2:07 and then did an extra 20 for practice.


Warm up
2 k Row, rate change every 400 m +2 spm, starting at 12 spm
2 rounds:
Frogger, 2 quadrant lengths
Duck Walk, 2 quadrant lengths
10 Dip Shrugs
10 Scap Pull ups
10 Band Pull Aparts
10 PVC Dislocates

Gymnastics Strength
10 seconds work/20 seconds rest:
1. Top of Pull up Hold
(Adv: Chest to Bar)
2. Top of Ring Support
3. L-Hang from Bar
4. Rest

4 rounds x 2 minutes = 8 minutes

30 seconds work/30 seconds rest for max reps:

1. Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunges (16/12)
2. Box Jump Overs (24/20)
3. Handstand Walk (for distance)
4. Kettlebell Snatch, Right (24/16)
5. Kettlebell Snatch, Left (24/16)
6. Assault Bike for Calories

6 rounds x 6 minutes = 36 minutes

Skipped the warm up and did some partner wall-ball fun nonsense.  All the rowers were taken, plus we had a big group so this way way more fun.  :)  Did c2b hold for the gymnastics part and used 14kg for the KB snatches.


For 40 minutes, every 2 minutes, perform: 1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Power Snatch

Sets 1-5: <50% of 1 RM Power Snatch
Sets 6-10: 50-65%
Sets 11-15: 65-75%
Sets 16-20: 75-85%

Went from 53# ro 73# in the 40 minutes.  Would have liked to go a little bit heavier but I have a hard time doing that if we can’t put the bar down between reps.


Thanksgiving Parter WOD!

15 minutes on the clock, teams of 4:
P1: Run 200m(pacer)
P2: Sumo DL high pull(53#)
P3: Row for cals
P4: Rest

Dropped in to Crossfit Hamilton and had a great time!  They were super nice and invited me back to workout on Friday.


15 jumping jacks
15 air squats
10 pushups
15 situps

“Mary”: 20 min AMRAP
10 pistols
15 pullups

Heavy power clean – 5×2

Hollow Rock tabata

Another fun workout at CF Hamilton.  Got through 11 rounds + the pistols during Mary and worked up to 108# during the power cleans.


Muscle-Up Progressions

Gymnastics Conditioning
A. 30 Muscle Ups for time (12 Minute Cap)
B. 12 Minute AMRAP Muscle Ups
C. Strict Pull ups and Dips or Muscle up Progression
Your coach will have a list of options you can work on that will address whatever you need to work on the most.

My hands were all torn up from Friday so I didn’t really do any drills….just warmed up and stretched a lot, then went with option 1 – 30 MUPs for time.  6:56.  Probably could have gone faster but my hands were a wreck and I didn’t really have anyone to pace me.

SUNDAY – Rest day!

Accidentally went to the gym too many days in a row this week!  This week will be slower though, so it all balances out.